We want a guard rail put up to prevent further loss of life.

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In the early morning hours of April 29, 2013, 20 year old Amanda Lovins crashed her car into a cement culvert at the T-intersection of Range Rd. And Tracy Rd. in Kingsford Heights Indiana, due to poor visibility resulting from heavy fog (which is very common in this area). We, as her family and friends believe were it not for hitting the cement culvert that she may still be here with us today. Since her accident several people have crashed at the same site and so far all have been lucky enough to advoid hitting the cement barrier hidden behind the brush. We believe that installing a guard rail at the site in front of the culvert would save lives and another family the heart ache of losing a loved one over something that is preventable. We call on the state of Indiana and the city of Kingsford Heights, as well as the Indiana Department of Transportation and The LaPorte County Highway Department to take action and install a guard rail. If it can save even one life it is worth it. Thank You! I have received some very positive feed back and also stories from people who have or have almost crashed there.. See below Crash victim: December of 2010 I crashed into the same spot car was flipped and I hit hard. I am blessed to be here and thankful I had my seat belt on too or I probably wouldn't have been as lucky. I slid through after hitting the breaks to avoid a deer and tried to make the turn but ended up upside down in the ditch. When I got out of the car I fell into the ditch landing on metal beams laying in the ditch under the brush. That spot has scared me ever since.

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