Release Jessica Elliott's independent autopsy review to independent pathologist

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The Marion County Coroner's Office in Indianapolis, Indiana performed an autopsy on my daughter who passed away from a severe head injury a subdural and a subarachnoid hematoma. She was covered in contusions and bruises on her body and had been strangled by ligature. Her and her live in boyfriend had been arguing over necked pictures of girls on his cell phone and he called 911 stating my daughter was unresponsive and had overdosed on her prescribed Xanax which was later found out in the hospital she had a severe head injury and had been bleeding on her brain for 9 hours while the hospital was treating her for a false drug overdose. Jessica's Xanax was later found hidden under a bed mattress hidden from the boyfriend. There was no arrest made for the boyfriend for domestic battery or strangulation he left the state of Indiana within the first week of my daughters death without informing anyone of his departure. The Marion County Coroner's Office has made false statements about my daughters autopsy about false medical record statements, stated her neck injury is of unknown nature when there is a video that the boyfriend taped on his cell phone where he admits to strangling Jessica. Statement by a deputy coroner that my daughters head injury happened 3 days prior to her being admitted into the emergency room which the pathologist stated he never stated that. Stated my daughters injuries healed up in the day and a half that she was in the hospital. Alleged evidence of her injuries left out of the autopsy report. Made statements that the Wayne County Police Department did not submit documentation to do an investigation when the Police Department stated they did release documentation. The pathologist that performed my daughters autopsy has been fired from Cook County, Chicago for wrong manner of deaths on his autopsy reports. Cook County is reviewing all of the autopsy's performed by this John Cavanaugh all 219 cases. He stated a manner of death undetermined which was later found to be a homicide. The Marion County Coroner's Office has agreed to release my daughters autopsy case file for an independent review and the Marion County Prosecutor's Office has stated Jessica's case file is going out for an independent review. It has been over a month and Jessica's case file has not been released from the possession of the Marion County Coroner's Office for the independent review. I am a mother wanting justice for the death of my daughter and have to plead to people to help with my daughters case. I am requesting that my daughters autopsy case file be sent out for the independent review as stated that it would be sent out by the people stated above. To leave a evidence case file with people being accused of making false statements and allegedly not reviewing the evidence at hands is not the way to conduct an investigation.  Jessica's case file needs to be removed from the possession of the Marion County Coroner's Office and sent out for the independent review to the independent pathologist that was stated it was going to be released to. Please sign my daughters petition to help her get the justice she deserves. 

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