Condoms in Indiana Schools

Condoms in Indiana Schools

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   Ladies image being in the position of a 16 old year girl who has just found out she’s pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. So, many thoughts are running through your mind for incense; should I get an abortion, should I drop out, or what am I going to do with my life? Gentlemen now it’s your turn image being the boyfriend and finding out your girlfriend is pregnant. The 16-year-old and her boyfriend practiced unprotected sex. Now I ask you guys, what would you have done in their position or what would you have done to prevent it?

II.    Walking down the hallways of our high school, we all have seen that one girl who got pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. We’ve probably unconsciously stared at her and have thought “Thank God that’s not me”.  

III.   Through credible websites such as and, I’ve gained the knowledge necessary to convey my proposition.

IV. Indiana schools should distribute condoms to students to prevent teen pregnancy and the risk of STDs.
  As a community, we need to raise an awareness targeting the consequences of unprotected sex; teenage pregnancy and risk of STDs

A.    According to, the article “Teen Pregnancy in Indiana” states that 41.7% of Indiana high school students have had sex and 15.5% didn’t use any method of protection. This results in 44 births to mothers younger than 15 and 1,297 births to mothers ages 15-17. In 2016, Indiana ranked 20 out of 50 states based on teen birth rates amount females under age 20. (

B.     As established by the Indiana State Department of Health, in Marion County alone the reported cases of chlamydia have immensely increased over the years. In 2016, 3,282 males and 6,528 females were diagnosed. The next year, 3,637 males and 6,875 females suffered from chlamydia. In Indiana, it was reported that in 2017, 571 white males between the ages of 15-19 and 3,486 females had chlamydia. (
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Now that you’re aware of the consequences of unprotected sex, let’s go into what Indiana school should do to prevent teenage pregnancy and the risk of STDs .
II.             Indiana schools should place condoms in a safe area with easy to access for students. Condoms in schools will encourage students to practice safe as well reinsure equality among the students.  

A.     Distributing condoms in schools will stand as a constant reminder they are there for you to use and encourages teenagers to consider using a condom instead of practicing unprotected sex. Placing condoms in both boys’ and girls’ bathrooms allows students to consider their options. It takes two to make a child, both should have that resource in a safe place.

B.    The placement of condoms in schools’ benefit both female and male students, unlike the free tampons and sanitary pads that are provided in the girls’ bathroom. As stated in, tampons and sanitary pads are provided in school bathrooms to help struggling lower- class students with their menstrual product expenses. Schools are only considering the girls, what about the boys?  There’s lower- class male students that can’t afford paying for condoms, therefore result to having sex without a condom. Male students are being unrepresented by schools, all students should be treated equally regards to any necessity. (

After explaining how condoms reinsure equality among the students and prevent teenage pregnancy and the risk of STDs, let’s talk about what benefits they  provide.
III.           Condoms in schools will decrease the percentage of teenage pregnancies in Indiana as well prevent the risk of STDs. As well decrease the number of high schools drops therefore increasing the number of graduating students.       


A.    According to Planned Parenthood, condoms are 98 percent effective at protecting against STDs and pregnancy. Condoms’ protection stands as a battier against bodily fluids, semen, vaginal fluid and blood. ( Schools who provided condoms reported the pregnancy rate declined 30.1% after a few months and 50% males and 40% females reported that they used a condom during their last sexual intercourse. (

B.    According to ACLU Washington states that pregnancy is the #1 reason girls drop out of school. It’s estimated that 70% of teenage girls who give birth drop out of school. Many drop out because they can’t handle being a mother and a student at the same time, as well want to avoid bullying from their peers. Only 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma. Most high paying jobs require a high school diploma, therefore teenage mothers can only be employed in low paying jobs. (

I.      The following steps will prevent unexpected pregnancy as well eliminate the risk of STDs.

A. Practicing abstinence is the most effective way to prevent unexpected pregnancy and STDs. If you do decide to have sex, practicing safe sex will be as effective.

B.  If you guys could open your laptops and type in the link above. There’s a petition to distribute condoms in Indiana schools. If you want to help your community, family members and friends from getting pregnant or being infected. I strongly advise you to sign the petition.

II.    Today, I’ve discussed with you guys why we should distribute condoms in Indiana schools, to prevent teenage pregnancy and the risk STDs.

III.  With the information, I’ve provided I hope you guys will make the right choice. Thank you, guys, for your time.

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