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Child Support Enforcement

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I want to change Indiana state law governing back child support owed after the child is of age. Currently the law does very,very little to enforce arrearage amounts owed once a child is a legal adult. If they file taxes, their state tax return can be intercepted. If they work, the arrearage amount (usually about $10/week) can be garnished, but not the regular child support payment. Their driver's license can be suspended for nonpayment. And they can be jailed for failure to appear. But that's it. I want to change that. I want the State to pursue these arrearage amounts just as diligently as when the child was a minor. The amount has been ordered by a judge and that does not change over time. So why does the law change about pursuing the payments owed? One parent had to work twice as hard because the other parent didn't help. So why is the State saying that's ok? I think irresponsible parents should be ordered to do community service until they begin making regular weekly payments again. If they refuse to serve the community, then jail time should suffice. Why are irresponsible parents getting away with breaking the law?? My 2 daughters are in their 20's now but their dad still owes $15,000 in child support. Both of these girls have recently graduated from college and are successful, contributing citizens. I financially supported them through college and continue to help them until their careers are started. This back child support is owed by law. It doesn't matter what I choose to do with it. I am owed this because of the extra jobs I worked to get these girls where they needed to be. I, like so many other parents, have sacrificed and clawed my way to success for the good of my children and the child support would still help even after the children are grown. Let's push for some stiffer laws !

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