Tell INDOT to forget the J-turns on U​.​S. 31

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Everyone who uses U.S. 31 is in danger because INDOT is planning to install J-turns along the highway.  J-turns have never been installed on such a busy highway.

At any moment in time, thousands of semi-trucks, school buses, and cars are traveling U.S. 31 at 70 miles an hour.  This is not the place to install cheap J-turns.  The result will surely be more rear-end collisions at high rates of speed.

J-turns are complicated concrete runways and chutes that trucks, tractors and school buses are diverted into at high speeds before they can cross the highway.  Many farm vehicles, trucks and wide loads will not be able to use them safely. 

INDOT's dangerous cost-cutting experiment is unacceptable.  It puts the lives of Hoosiers who live along U.S. 31 in peril.

Tell INDOT to forget the putting J-turns on U.S. 31. Do things right, or don't do them at all.

Stop INDOT's dangerous plan for J-turns on U.S. 31.