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Bill for Presumptive Shared Custody in Divorce and Paternity Cases in Indiana

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In the majority of child custody cases, the mother is awarded primary custody. A "custodial" parent is named, leaving the other parent to be named "non-custodial" with hardly any say, if any, regarding the decisions made for their child and significantly less time given to spend with their child. This has left many children in contact with their fathers, or mothers in some cases, only every other weekend and once a week for four short hours. However, a movement consisting of men and women who recognize the traumatic effects of this system is on the rise and gaining the attention of the states and nation, highlighting the detrimental results that occur in children that grow up without a sufficient presence of both parents - and we believe that every other weekend and four hours and week is not sufficient. A shared parenting bill was just approved by the Missouri Senate and House that would give parents equal custody following a divorce. We want to petition for this in Indiana, but we want this granted for non-married (paternity) cases as well, as many children today are born in non-married situations. Please sign if you support a bill that would grant presumptive equal custody in divorce and paternity cases. Together, we can change an epidemic of fatherlessness - an epidemic that is largely enabled by our current legal system. We would call this Bill the "My Baby, Too" Bill. For a generation to know BOTH parents well, Briana Howe  

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