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Remove Tanya R. Bell as CEO/President!

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For years the founders of the Indiana Black Expo, worked from dawn to dusk to build Expo to a prestiguous African American Organization. There were programs, morale in the work place, a true pillar for the african american community and they were actually in the community. A legacy that the board of directors have seemed to forgot about, by letting the adult kid run the organization into the ground, while riding high on all the official perks.


President/CEO/Legal - Tanya Bell, credentials have been suspended since June 2013. Parading around informing everyone, general public and sponsors alike she is still a practicing attorney. This fact was found at

Spending & Cutting

It is no secret, especially in the company, that Tanya Bell is known for spending money, not related to company business on the company card and no questions are asked. Board Approved trips to do research on other events, turns into a swipe for all fest. Yet, the programs of the State office are next to none existent and have been cut on a regular basis to make up for short falls in the Summer Celebration & Circle City Classic Events. The criterior for the scholarships have gotten so strict its amazing that anyone qualifies to get any money. A non-profit its expected not to make money but to waste money absolutely inexcusable.

Temper & Highly Disliked

Ms. Bell has a tendecy to believe she can get whatever she wants. She yells and throws temper tantrums. She has bully tactis that in most instances just makes people despise her more. The dislike for Ms. Bell ranges from employees to sponsors. She has single handedly overturned a whole staff and all both old & new feel the same way about her. How do you get a whole board to believe your entire staff is incompetent? I'm guessing you all should answer that one. There are business' who refuse to support because of the antics she has pulled dealing with them and their funds. Hey Board get this: If dead weight is whats causing you not to make progress, then you must drop it.

"......IBE Is Not A Charity, That's What Social Services Are For......"

Tanya Bell was quoted saying this 2 years before she decided to end one of the best community projects in Indianapolis, We Can Feed The Hungry. IBE is a charity and as sponsors support you, you are suppose to be pouring a portion of that back into the community. You all should feel a little dead for going along with this cut that put you all in a positive light.

Volunteer Unappreciation

Because of treatment and lack of care, Expo has lost a considerable amount of volunteers who have sworn not to come back as long as they have to deal with overly micro-managing rules Ms. Bell has put in place. Whole committees have dismantled due to her antics, i.e. The Circle City Classic Parade Committee. Then she believes throwing an appreciation party is going to make everything ok. She barely wanted to feed volunteers for shifts worked and then cut volunteer positions who had worked for years because she felt they were not needed. Volunteers is how Expo thrives, I know you heard the reports and what have you accomplished in fixing the problem?

How many letters need to be writtern? How many more staff have to get fired or quit? How many more sponsors will you loose? How long will your events suffer from no new ideas? Expo made the status quo for Expo's / Classics everywhere, we all get it. Now how about being the status quo for keeping it going.

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