Petition to Change High School’s Racist “Indians” Sports Teams Name

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Indiana Area School District is located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. I have attended the schools in the district all of my life as a student. All of our logos are of a Native American Chief who, I may add, is unspecified in name. We are called the "Indiana Indians". Indiana means "Indian Land", because the land we live on now was taken from the Shawnee indigenous people. I do not personally know anyone in this school district that is indigenous, though there may be some people that are. Considering the school district makes money from selling t-shirts with the logo and uses imagery of a chief as a figurehead, the school is profiting off of cultural appropriation and racism, as well as a large amount of cultural insensitivity. We should never have been named the "Indians" in the first place, and especially now, the name must change. Children attending school in this district should not grow up thinking this is okay. I didn't even know this was an issue until I was about 15. This is something I haven't heard anyone talk about at school, and when I have brought up the subject to anyone, I have gotten the wonderful "that's just how it is" response. That may be how it is now. But I plan to take action to change it. I will be taking this to the school administration, and possibly the mayor or the city council. Together we can make sure children in these schools do not learn the current insensitivity. I invite you all to join me in stopping this blatant appropriation and insensitivity from continuing by signing this petition. Thank you.