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1. The policy of reservation was designed as an adhoc policy for ten years. But it is continuing and getting extension after the end of every ten years. It is creating some sort of frustrations among the high caste people as they are depriveit to get a job or to take admission in any educational institution due to the reservation policy.


2. The Reservation Policy actually has created a “new class of vested interest” in the society. They have earned permanently the benefit of the reservation policy. Thus, the policy has created the psychology of dependency among them.


3. The policy of reservation is contrary to the principle of equality. Equality presupposes equal treatment to all and equal protection of all people. But special privileges and extra protection to certain class of people is against the policy of equality. It violates the very spirit of democracy.





 4. The policy of reservation of jobs is violating the efficiency and merit system of recruitment. While the meritorious and talented persons are deprive of their due share of appointment, the authority is forced to make compromise with quality.


5. The policy of reservation has given rise to the politics of casteism in Indian political system. The over consciousness of caste identity is obstructing the process of national integration. Moreover, castes have been used as instruments for maintaining the vote banks of different political parties.


They are competing among themselves for enhancing the percentage of reservation for the weaker section more and more. When the reservation quota increased to 70%, no doubt the high caste people would be minorities in future demanding reservation for themselves.

We demand that only EWS( ECONOMICALLY WEAKER SECTION) reservation be kept and people under other reservation category be given all other economic facilities so that they can fight equally and get what they deserve.Nothing less and Nothing More. And this whole system of caste based reservation system be scraped in every field.

Because one day will come,when the politicians of this country will slowly destroy us by their incompetent policies like these.

We need to ACT NOW!!!