"Stop the Reservation System in India."

"Stop the Reservation System in India."

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Started by Kanishk Deep


Reservation is a system in India that provides scholarships, concession in fees, 49.5% seats in educational institutions (up to 64.5% in higher medical education), jobs, and relaxation in qualifying exams, relaxation in age to certain castes. This system continues after almost 70 years of independence. 

                      There is no provision in the Indian Constitution stating that caste-based reservation is mandatory. The provisions in Articles 15(4), 16(4), and 16(4A) are only enabling provisions.

                    1. Reservations can only benefit less than 1 percent SCs while creating an illusion that all are benefited. SCs in India is about 22 crores, but reserved jobs for them would be only a few lakhs. So very few will get the benefit of reservations, and even these will be mostly from the ‘creamy layer'.

                   2. It crutches the S.C's by insulting them by creating a thought in society that SC's no need to study or work hard for their career even though they will get a job.

                   3. Nowadays the reservations are not benefiting for SCs/OBCs but for the politicians, they use the reservations for the vote bank politics. Hence, it's beneficial for our politicians.

                   4. Reservations are preserving the caste system instead of demolishing it along with the development of India. The caste system is a type of feudalism, but reservations are enhancing it.

Conclusion: It is true that the SCs/OBCs are looked down by upper caste people and discriminated against but, reservations for them for jobs and admissions in educational institutions special facilities and help should be given to poor children of all castes or religions, to ensure them a level playing field.

29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!