Privacy Of Military Cantonments

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 As due to increase in access of Civilians in Military Cantonments the privacy of the cantonments is getting disturbed.CSD are always crowded and we army personnels are not getting the groceries sufficiently. More numbers of CMP's have to stand on duty because of these civilians.

Action should be taken cantonment is not only realated to that if the civilians can maintain the peace but also security will be compromised.....the defence minister should be sacked and chief of army staff should start taking action and we should agree with southern command's i.e Pune's decision of not opening Delhi and Secunderabad should also close and appeal in court I am sure we will win .. also being against civilians living in the cantts are not because of we are untouchable or anything like that No..! They have no sense of anything Yeah we can't let any civilian enter and terrorist action can take place And in the end the army will blamed if any wrong happens.