Media propaganda and false reporting resulting in increased hate against one community.

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Media being so important for democracy, known to be the pillar of democracy.

Media is now biased and behaving irresponsibly on issues where they twist and target a specific community, which result in hatred and crime against that community. 

Media has no right to defame anyone until someone is proven guilty.

This petition is against the following news channels who are most irresponsible and propagating fake news and creating chaos in the society and increasing the differences between the citizen of country.

Republic TV channels

Zee news and their other channels

Sudharshan news

India TV

The specific issue is of Tableegh jamaat. Which is targeted during this corona pandemic. 

Due to this the muslims are being targetted and they are beaten and being boycotted.

Even there are certain case of attempted lynching.

Masjid are being vandalized and their house is been targetted.

BJP IT cell runs the same propagangda in social media along with the mainstream news.

This type of act is not to be allowed and there should be some lesson taking punishment dor whosoever promotes fake news or any news with false narrative.

My request from the honourable supreme court to make some policy and guideline under penal laws to stop this type of hate propaganda.