Cauvery Management Board & Water Regulation Committee.

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I am a citizen of India. I do not support any political parties in this issue.I would like to bring my plea to kind notice of the honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India:

1)The apex Court gave a direction to central government to frame  a scheme for Cauvery Water distribution to all 4 states , as per the recommendation contained in the report of the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal ,  regarding Cauvery Management Board and Cauvery Water Regulation Committee .

2) Meanwhile SC shall give order to provide a part of monthly distribution to Tamilnadu state as recommended by   Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal   . Central government should ensure the water to reach till the bottom most path of the Cauvery river (Pumbugar) in Tamilnadu.

3) SC is requested to give order immediately to Karnataka states government to disburse compensation to Tamilnadu government for the failure of monthly distribution of water - if happened.The compensation amount in INR shall be fixed by the court.

4) As we have drinking and agricultural water shortage, SC shall give order to all Indian industries ,they must be used water for their industrial purpose through desalination process. Respective states government shall install such desalination plants.

5) SC shall direct to central government and state government of Tamilnadu for giving compensation to Karnataka farmers for their losses of production if occurred due to distribution of Cauvery water to Tamilnadu as per Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal ‘s recommendation.