Adhaar Privacy Policy

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I am requesting the Supreme Court of India, to intervene and ask the Indian parliament to frame a comprehensive policy towards safeguarding of bio-metric data of all the adhaar card holders, including myself. I am extremely concerned about losing my identity to an organization outside or within the country with malafide intention. I am sure government has taken care of every little details in securing it and I am thankful for that. But what if my identity is lost? There doesn't exist any policy framework on who can ask for adhaar and who cannot to register for the service provided by it. A cooking gas vendor - give me your adhaar copy, a school - give me your adhaar copy, a post-office - give me your adhaar copy. Soon a grocery vendor will start demanding for one too. So the policy should address that concern - who and who cannot. Two, my biometric gets stolen to which is attached my bank, mobile, investment etc. Basically most of the things that I possess except for the daily disposables. So what will the government do? That policy should have a clear guideline towards all the service providers who have my adhaar to change it overnight - I should automatically get a new bio-metric - basically change both my eyes and the 10 finger skins? Then change my passport, pan, bank accounts, gas connections, children's school, my insurances and 20 other things. I need some directions. And I need it before 31st Dec, 2017. Your highness, Supreme Court, Please, Please, Please intervene. Get the policy done; being an Indian citizen, I want to feel secure. I don't want a Xing Ming in Bejing to pose as me, while being in Bejing and worst of all, I don't want a Akaram from POK to pose as me, in this peace loving city of Bangalore. Third and more importantly, the policy should have an actionable transparency clause, which should oblige the government to declare the loss to all impacted as soon as it gets detected. And those actions should be completely automated by software, so that no human can interrupt the release of the information to the impacted person by the speediest and securest means possible.