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Strengthen Laws Against Spitting

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Widespread chewing, legendary paan shops and a ‘so-what’ attitude is the root cause of all the diseases!

There are laws in place which prohibit spitting and prescribe penalties and yet on a daily basis we come across people right from an ordinary mad wearing a dhoti and invariably spitting on the road till a person who drive in luxurious cars, who opens the door of his car and spits on the road, just to save his lavish car from stains!

This has to stop somewhere. People must know the seriousness of the probable diseases these spits could carry, disturbing the hygiene of the entire country!

If "Paan Khaye Saiyya Hamaro" is something you proudly tell, then you should also feel ashamed if your 'Saiyya' spits on the road.

Hope this petition finds its right place in the court and brings a change, but it is pertinent to note that only laws won't bring a change in the attitude of the people around us. What needs a change is the 'so-what ' attitude! 

So here I am, suggest you all, who wish to stand by me, some of the ways to stop people from spitting:-

a) by ways like pointing out to them then and there that they are littering around, or

b) by even passing a look of disgust at them, or

c) by questioning the people sitting behind/ with the person who is spitting, 'how do you not feel disgusted' or something like that, so that they also feel something is wrong with spitting around and stop the person thereafter.        

I belive I deserve to stay in a clean India; and I believe the change could start with me.  

 #SwachhaBharatAbhiyaan #CleanIndia #SayNotoSpit 

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