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Malaysia's new education system has changed to new our bahasa melayu(which is a compulsory for everyone) syllabus and wanted indian and Chinese students in VERNACULAR SCHOOLS to learn bahasa jawi(malays traditional language).Now the question is why the Indians and Chinese are supposed to study Bahasa Jawi as long as we have our own mothertougue let the malays to have their own syllabus to study their mothertougue instead.What can Bahasa Jawi benefits the non bumies in their  future.If the education system didn't change the syllabus again it's okay , let the bumies to learn our mothertougue's fair enough.We want a proper and fair education system.We don't want a selfish education system,the malays have taken their rights soo much until they even taken our Indian's  and Chinese 's rights as well,They left us nothing...they have been soo dumb until they don't even know the truth about the Malaysian country is actually not belong to Malays...So ,guys we have to fight for our right no matter what it takes...we are INDIANS and CHINESE  not MALAY, we are courageous and brave not lazy and dumb.FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!