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Change incorrect and misleading information on my son's discipline file and remove his suspension completely.Hold the school officials accountable for their actions towards my son.

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please support my son and sign this petition. I have a meeting with the district superintendent on January 28th and I need to get as many supporters as possible. My son was wrongly disciplined for pushing a bully off of him after the bully repeatedly shoved poked pushed squeezed flicked him in the neck and finally slapped my son in the face. The school principal and assistant principal decided that because my son pushed the bully off of him he deserved in school suspension! It is completely ridiculous and absured that these school districts keep punishing the victims. My son is only in 3rd grade and very shy and quiet. It was his very first time even being in the office. The assistant principal also violated his rights by not calling me to be present during the interview she made him write false information on paperwork then made him sign it without me being present and without explaining what he was signing. It is my opinion that the schools actions were that of discrimination. I am enclosing the actual Formal Complaint to the school board which details all the discriminatory actions the school has taken against my 9 year old son. Please help me get this erroneous reprimand off of his record. Please also take the time to read the letter. 


I understand that a lot of people feel that it is not politically correct for someone to say that they feel their child has been a victim of discrimination. This is not the only letter or correspondence that I have had with the school and the district. This is just one letter of the many that I have sent. I grew up bi racial myself and have learned to deal with people not having open minds regarding my race. I am not one to jump to conclusions regarding race either. After exhausting every other options and logical reason as to why they are doing this to my son I can think of no other than he is being discriminated against. Whether it be for his race, social standing, or whatever other reason. It is not a cop out and I only wish that there were other people that could have heard these school officials and their constant lies. To have a member of the school board pull up your sons general information and tell you, without even looking at the specifics of the case, that if you expect them to change anything regarding the incorrect information they wouldnt. It wasnt until I stated that I was going to quote the individual that they recanted their statement and said all they could do is make a phone call, which did absolutely nothing. I am not a racially scorned parent or a parent that thinks the world is out to get my child because of his racial background. I am using facts from the several instances that I have dealt with the school and the district to come to my conclusion. Please be aware that I only put the just of my case in this petition and every little detail would take me days to write. I do not expect everyone to understand or agree with my opinion on why this is happening it IS my opinion to feel that way. Regardless the issue is that this action was done to begin with and that's the main idea to focus on. 


To Whom It May Concern:                                                      January 17, 2014

The assistant principal and the principal failed to appropriately investigate an altercation that occurred between another child and my son Devon Clark. They made a disciplinary decision to give him in school suspension before formally getting all information and statements from all parties involved, especially the bus driver who witnessed the altercation on the bus. The school failed to provide a safe environment for my son by not properly monitoring the children while they were waiting in line for the bus.  The assistant principal violated my son's rights by not telling him that he could have me present. She also had him sign a formal discipline referral without explaining what the referral said and without explaining that if signed he is agreeing to what is written in the referral. She failed to send home a copy of the safety questionnaire that she had him put the false information on. I have yet to receive a copy of that paper, which is what's in question.The assistant principal called me on 1/16/2014 to talk about my concerns about what I felt was incorrect in the discipline referral. I told her that my son Devon stated that he never said he hit the other boy on the bus. She then told me that he told her he did in the interview (which was also not true). I then asked the assistant principal to bring my son into a conference call so that I could ask him why he would say that or write that statement if it wasn't true. She then went to get Devon and he came into her office. She right away tried to take over the conversation with leading questions to Devon which I thought odd. She kept saying "didn't you say that Devon didn't you?" Devon kept to his statement that he has had all along and told her no he didn't say it. Devon got extremely quiet and wouldn't even answer me which I thought to be out of character because he is very respectful. I told her that I didn't know why he wrote that but maybe he felt pressured or stressed. I then requested for him to be able to rewrite his statement and put the correct information in it. The assistant principal stated that she would have to call me back to find out if he could do that. When my son got home from school he informed me that he never told the principal that he hit he other boy in the interview. He said that she told him the other boy said that he did and he told her no he only pushed the boy off of him when they were standing in line. The assistant principal during the interview told Devon that he needed to take responsibility for everything that happened with the other student. That is when she had him fill out a questionnaire about safety and his actions. Devon filled it out and wrote his statement saying that the boy was repeatedly pushing shoving poking and flicking him and his brother in line and as the boy was squeezing him he pushed the boy off. She then pointed to a separate box on the side and told him verbatim to write"I hit the boy on the bus." Even though there are witnesses including the bus driver's verbal statement as well as other children that state as soon as the other child slapped my son the bus driver escorted him off the bus. The other child stated that my son punched him AFTER he slapped him in the face. If the bus driver witnessed the slap and called the boy to her as soon as it happened, common sense would say that the other child is lying about my son punching him. The principal and assistant principal should have been able to use better judgement,more in depth interviewing, and corroborating witnesses to know that the statement made by the other child was false. My son stated that those are the assistant principal's words not his. Devon stated that ahe stood there while she told him what to write. When I asked him why didn't you tell her no, he stated that he thought you were not allowed to tell a teacher or principal no when they tell you to do something. When I asked him why didn't he say that during the conference call, he stated that he was afraid to because she was right there and he felt like he would get in trouble if he told that she made him write it. That's when I explained to my son that he should never write something if its not true, even if a teacher or principal tells him to. At this point I was furious, I called the assistant principal at 3:30 and told her what Devon had just said. She, of course, denied that she did anything. I then informed her that I would be contacting the superintendent regarding her actions. I also stated that this situation is exactly why a parent should be present during the questioning because I feel like he was forced into writing something, and ultimately it's his word against hers. It is unfair because she is the assistant principal and he is a child I was supposed to be present for my child's safety and well being to make sure he was being interviewed correctly. This is a predominately Caucasian school, with a severely predominant Caucasian staff. My son is of African American decent, the other child who repeatedly bullied and slapped him is Caucasian. How is it that my son, who is the victim, got such a severe punishment for pushing the boy off of him because he was hurting him and causing him to hurt other children? I don't understand how that can be seen as aggressive behavior. My son is a straight A student,he is in the TIES program, he gets multiple awards every year for citizenship and good behavior. This is the very first time that he has ever been involved in any altercation. He was bullied last year by an older student who shoved him and made fun of him on the bus and at no point did my son ever hit the other student. Devon is very shy and quiet. He is an amazing student and is very respectful to any adult and his peers. He has never been known to lie or tell any lies, especially on an adult. He is a very responsible child. This is his very first reprimand. I think that the assistant principal and principal have very questionable behavior during this whole process. It's my opinion that my son has been a victim of racial discrimination. After my dealings with the school I believe there is enough evidence to prove that the assistant principal failed to properly investigate the incident. I also believe that there is substantial evidence to show that she violated my son's rights by not explaining or informing him that he could have me present or someone else that he trusted present during the interview process. She violated his rights by forcing him to write something that was false and then making him sign it without me being present. She failed to send home my copies of necessary documents (safety first questionnaire that has the false information). I request that a formal investigation be administered to review the assistant principal and principal's actions, lack of professionalism, and conduct. I also request that a review be made of the school's ability to properly watch the children and ability to promote a safe environment while they are waiting for the bus. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter. I appreciate your time.


Crystal M. Bryant 

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