Safety for Indian River County Preschool Children

Safety for Indian River County Preschool Children

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I am a concerned parent in Indian River County.

My plan below is an options-based plan that will work for every possible scenario. It is easy to implement and can be put in place immediately.

Brook Flood, VPK coordinator, told me that only one child in a class today was wearing a mask and that masks for children are optional. There are 10 children in a classroom. This is completely unacceptable and unsafe for our children.

Masks should be mandatory and/or virtual classes should be implemented. Classes could also be separated to mask and non-mask classes.

I have a call into Richard Myhre, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.

It would appear that the other Summer School programs this summer were moved to virtual classes to create safety for those children.

My question for him is, “Why would those children be virtually distanced, have options and the Pre-K children do not?”

The school board/district is now in contradiction with itself regarding safety practices during this unprecedented pandemic.

I will keep you posted on his response.

My hope is that if enough people sign this petition, they will make masks mandatory or create virtual classes for VPK. Also having non-mask and mask classes will accommodate all scenarios.

If you agree with me please sign this petition and I promise to ensure action is taken regarding this matter.

If you would like to take this a step further for more immediate action, you can email one of the board members and/or call and leave a voice message (772) 564-3000.