Mumbai women train travelers, Need comfortable travel for women in Mumbai.

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As a fellow commuter of the 8:31am Borivali local from Vasai Station, I would like to to put into your notice that, the women travelling in first class are not able to travel in comfort, everyday there would be some injury to the person trying to board the train from Nallasopara and Vasai ( so much that women are hanging out of the train.) The second class travellers are unable to travel in their compartment and hence they climb into the first class. There are no ticket checkers or any personal of law to check if people are boarding the train in the right manner. Request for some help, like placing Ticket Checkers and increasing one more first class for women, during the peak timings as we do not want to be going through this mess everyday. We need sincere effort from the Indian Railways to help us with the same.