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Booking railway tickets is one of the most traumatic online experience for an Indian. The site is extremely slow, there are frequent connection errors and getting a ticket reserved successfully is a matter of patience and luck.

IRCTC has a monopoly over all online train reservations and any third party website has to go through IRCTC. This means the end-user experience for any third party site is at the mercy of IRCTC.

This is our chance to change India's train ticket booking experience for the better.
If you have ever been frustrated by the IRCTC experience, you must sign this petition.

Letter to
Minister for Railways, Govt. of India Pawan Kumar Bansal
The Chairman, Indian Railway Board Vinay Mittal
I am a concerned citizen who has used the IRCTC online reservation website to book tickets. It is a frustrating experience due to a number of technical and usability factors. It is terribly slow, times-out frequently, resets session too soon and has a poorly designed user interface.

As a website that millions of Indians use on a daily basis, countless hours of productive time is lost to India everyday. The slow IRCTC website is a virtual equivalent of a clogged highway in which millions of people are stuck and waiting in desperation.

The existence of the website in this state is a huge shame for the entire nation that claims to be an Information Technology powerhouse. Scaling a site with this level of traffic is by no means easy, but it is not impossible.

As a key decision maker, you have the power and responsibility to look into this and fix it. Please do the right thing.

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