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This is against corruption by catering vendors in Indian Railways

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Hi All, I, P V P Kumar, wish to create awareness regarding the above corruption by Railway catering vendors. Pls read this till the end and forward to all others in your whatsapp contact list.
Many of you maybe travelling by train and may know or may not know that you are being overcharged for items you buy in the trains & railways station stalls across India.
Example - Pre mixed Tea is Rs.5/- for 150 ml. You end up paying Rs.10/- as you do not know the price.
Tea with Tea bag is Rs.7/- for 150 ml. You end up paying Rs.10/- as you do not know the price.
Likewise, Coffee / Water Bottles / Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Soft drinks / packed snack foods like Lays / Biscuits are over charged.
These days everybody carry a smart phone. Just, google search for IRCTC latest pricelist of food items.
You will be surprised to see how much is being looted from passengers on the various items in trains and platform stalls in stations across India.
Just for awareness, On an average a vendor sells about 100 to 200 Teas for a 6 hour journey and about 500 to 600 on a 12 hour journey. There will be 8 to 10 vendors in the entire train frequenting the length of the train. Just on Tea alone these guys rob about Rs.4000/- to Rs.5000/-. Just imagine our railway network. It has approximately 13000 trains running daily carrying 25 million passengers daily. Mind boggling isn’t it? Looting the passengers to the extent of Rs.2000 crores on Tea in one year on the trains. What about the number of stations, number of platforms & number of stalls and vendors. What about the other items mentioned above? I leave it to your imagination. It could easily be a budget of an Indian state for an annum.
Now, how to stop this malpractice and which is a menace to all passengers on Indian Railways.
Here are few suggestions:
1. Please carry small change and give only the correct amount for whatever you buy. Look for MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and pay only to the extent of the MRP. If the vendor does not accept threaten him that you will complain to the authorities concerned. If u have Twitter account, then send tweets to Railway Minister, Ministry of Railways and to Indian Railway catering @sureshpprabhu, @RailMinIndia and @IRcatering. Record the conversation or take video of the conversation on your mobile that u have with the vendor. Ask your co-passengers to record it for u. Threaten the vendor that you have recorded the video and will take him to task.
2. You can educate your co-passengers regarding the prices and ask them to question.
3. You can complain on 138 or tweet to @RailMinIndia, @IRCATERING, @Sureshpprabhu regarding the overcharging giving them the PNR number and Train No. You will get immediate response and the over charged amount will be refunded. I had tested this and arranged refund for all passengers in the train on 31.01.2017 in train number 12795 from Vijayawada to Secunderabad and in train number 17652 on 14.02.2017 from Kacheguda (Hyderabad) to Renigunta.
4. Tweeting is the best way. Railway Ministry & Indian Railway Catering once they receive your tweet, will forward the tweet to the concerned Divisional Commercial Manager & General Manager of the concerned division to take necessary action. They shall call you directly if you provide your mobile number and discuss the nature of the problem and ensure it is resolved. You can also demand refund of money to all passengers in the train in addition to your refund.
5. If your complaints are not addressed immediately, please gather support from your co-passengers and send multiple tweets to the above twitter ids.
6. If In spite of all your above efforts are not solving the problem, go to the pantry car, ask for the pantry car supervisor / manager and ask for the complaint book and register a complaint and take a copy of the same. Also take a photo of the Supervisor / Manager and make note of his name. Generally, the complaint book should have a triplet copy and one should be given to the complainant. If the supervisor refuses to give a copy, take a photo of the same from your mobile.
7. After this, threaten the supervisor that you will post this complaint along with the guys photo on all social media like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc etc and create more public awareness.
If such things happen on a regular basis across India, then I’m sure that we can make the government and the railways in particular to bend their back and make them change their ways of dealing with the passengers in the right manner.
Government is ready to act. But some corrupt officials are not co-operating and are hand in glove with the catering contractors & vendors.
All the culprit officials, contractors & vendors can be taught a lesson.
I’m sure this will bring a change for better travel by railways.
Just pass this to all your contacts and groups on Whatsapp.
Let us join together to fight against this corruption.
Mera Bharat Mahaan. Jaihind.

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