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Change our primary education with moral values included like Z- zebra crossing not zebra

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Starting the day with great thoughts and aspirations, as our children are growing up and we all are putting them in pressure cooker for studies and competitive life. Basically we are forcing our children to make our dreams true, to accomplish the tasks which we were unable to achieve in our childhood or as youth. Being young their mind is like a blank sheet of paper where we are trying to inscribe our unfulfilled dreams and if we overwrite it, then there will no space left when the real life challenges begin.
So, if we compare the brain of a young child with the computer, device which today's generation belongs to. When we start a computer we are operating it with our commands similar to our children who are living their lives as instructed by us. Our children are also following the commands as thrown by us. When we load our computer with files or the data, lots of files amongst which some of the files are good or useful files whereas some of the files are bad or unwanted files. Basically overloading our computer and thus causing the slowdown of performance or the functions or the system files. Same is the case with the juvenile brains. Our commands and aspirations may cause the choking of the thinking ability of the adolescent generations. They always prefer to cram the subjects being taught instead of understanding the concept behind it.
Now if the speed of the computer is slowed down we upgrade our computer with increasing its RAM or formatting the system etc. After which again its performance is elevated to our expectations for some period and we are repeating the whole process of loading data with useful and unwanted stuff and then again formatting and again reloading it and so on and so on knowingly and intentionally as we have the options for its maintenance. But, we always forget that our children are not computers, they are human beings and they have only one brain and there is no option of up gradation like increasing the RAM and no formatting. So the option left with us is to fill their brains with the positive and good thoughts upto the maximum extent as possible.
When we start nourishing or feeding the mindsets of our children for achieving that which we are unable to attain in our lives due to one reason or more. We are basically making our children living ROBOTS or machines whose objectives are just to follow our instructions and do as per our instructions thrown to them. We are killing the instinct and creativity or the thought process of our young generations and thus creating the generation which is living the sedentary life. They are living for themselves and thus making no contributions for the society.
It now depends on us what we want our future generations to be. To be humans, to be social or to be robots. Our future generations with some sentiments with some feelings some sense of responsibility towards the society. Or we want our future generations to live like machines.
It is a very old saying in India that Wo kehte hai na kii laalan ka future paaalan main dikhne lagta hai means who born intelligent will definitely be a scientist or others, but we pressurize other child to become for the same.
Next I have an idea about how to change mind of our country people. In past we said that bujurgon ka kaha or aanwale ka khaya baad main pata chalta hai.
So for change and better future of our country, we must have to change our basic education system of our child. As bache man ke sache hote hain kahavaton main and for example if I send one of my children when they born to jungle then they will speak other language and behave like junglee.
In our routine life, we don’t have to force them for good marks initially in their life. For the class 3rd/8 years there is no burden in their mind.
Now what we have to change in education system is that till class 3rd, we have to give them education in games or educate them moral sense/value, if u have teach them teach like this:-
A for apple can be replaced by ACTION/ATTITUDE ETC



B for ball can be replaced by BEHAVIOUR
bad habits

C for cat can be replaced by CLEAN/COUNTRY

cleaning home

D for dog can be replaced by DRIVE SAFE
don't fight

E for elephant can be replaced by ENERGY


F for fox can be replaced by FRIENDS


G for goat can be replaced by GREENERY



H for hen can be replaced by HOME
hand wash
hand wash
healthy diet




I for ink can be replaced by IDEA



J for jug can be replaced by JOIN ARMY/JUNK FOOD

junk food


K for kite can be replaced by KINDNESS/KNOWLEDGE



L for lion can be replaced by LOVE/LOYAL

less talk
love animals



M for monkey can be replaced by MORAL SENSE
mobile (dont use)

moral sense


N for nest can be replaced by NATION

O for owl can be replaced by ORIGINAL
one(we all are one)

P for parrot can be replaced by PERFECT/PUNCTUAL




Q for queen can be replaced by QUALITY

R for rat/royal can be replaced by REALITY/RESPECT

S for sparrow can be replaced by SERVICES/SOLUTIONS/STOP AT RED LIGHT
save tree
save tree

seat belt
stop at red light



T for table can be replaced by TREATING
team work


U for umbrella can be replaced by UNITY

V for VICTORY/VALUE OF TIME(this is only alphabet is written for good)

W for wolf can be replaced by WORK


X for x-mas can be replaced by SYMBOL X(NO) TO DRUGS,BAD HABBITS ETC
Y for yak can be replaced by YES WE CAN/YOG

Z for zebra can be replaced by ZEBRA CROSSING

And teachers must explain all with examples like they explain in present as A FOR APPLE, APPLE MEANS SEB.
हिंदी एक वैज्ञानिक भाषा है और कोई भी अक्षर वैसा क्यूँ है उसके पीछे कुछ कारण है , अंग्रेजी भाषा में ये बात देखने में नहीं आती |
क, ख, ग, घ, ङ- कंठव्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनके उच्चारण के समय ध्वनि कंठ से निकलती है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये |
च, छ, ज, झ,ञ- तालव्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनके उच्चारण के समय जीभ तालू से लगती है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये |
ट, ठ, ड, ढ , ण- मूर्धन्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनका उच्चारण जीभ के मूर्धा से लगने पर ही सम्भव है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये |
त, थ, द, ध, न- दंतीय कहे गए, क्योंकि इनके उच्चारण के समय जीभ दांतों से लगती है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये |
प, फ, ब, भ, म,- ओष्ठ्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनका उच्चारण ओठों के मिलने पर ही होता है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये ।
हम अपनी भाषा पर गर्व करते हैं ये सही है परन्तु लोगो को इसका कारण भी बताईये |इतनी वैज्ञानिकता दुनिया की किसी भाषा मे नही है
क,ख,ग क्या कहता है जरा गौर करें....
क - क्लेश मत करो
ख- खराब मत करो
ग- गर्व ना करो
घ- घमण्ड मत करो
च- चिँता मत करो
छ- छल-कपट मत करो
ज- जवाबदारी निभाओ
झ- झूठ मत बोलो
ट- टिप्पणी मत करो
ठ- ठगो मत
ड- डरपोक मत बनो
ढ- ढोंग ना करो
त- तैश मे मत रहो
थ- थको मत
द- दिलदार बनो
ध- धोखा मत करो
न- नम्र बनो
प- पाप मत करो
फ- फालतू काम मत करो
ब- बिगाङ मत करो
भ- भावुक बनो
म- मधुर बनो
य- यशश्वी बनो
र- रोओ मत
ल- लोभ मत करो
व- वैर मत करो
श- शत्रुता मत करो
ष- षटकोण की तरह स्थिर रहो
स- सच बोलो
ह- हँसमुख रहो
क्ष- क्षमा करो
त्र- त्रास मत करो
ज्ञ- ज्ञानी बनो !!
If only 10% of all these things or can say thought child learn he/she will definitely teach their parents in their busy life for example if his/her parents jump the red light and if she/he stops them, then not only that day but one day they realise the value of traffic lights.
There is no sense of having clean India by now, if all these things strictly implemented in our primary education from this year, I promise you that after 15 years you can see the results.
One more thing, now a day in schools nation songs are missing like SARE JAHAN SE AACHA HINDOSTAN HAMARA.
I don’t know why our education systems not make compulsory all nation songs.
Many educated people think about free “ bheekh mil jaye ki paani free mil jaye bijali free mil jaye”.nobody think about nation sake, in last 20 years nobody wants their child to join army “har kisi ki thinking paisa kamane kii hai”.
We also do in the favour of nation by giving maximum employment, qualification and degree never matters, only moral sense/values/ matters. We can serve our nation by many ways.
Why all the qualification and degree matters in every field as person must be morally high but not by their qualification.
If an educated doctor or highly qualified man/women thrown scrap/wrappers or can say empty bottle outside his/her car during his/her drive then he/she is not morally high. Only mind set of our countrymen must be change and see our country will grow faster.
There is no sense if you are highly qualified and don’t stop your child to throw wraps

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