☆ Save Sacred GANGA. ☆ Keep her Flowing & Clean. ☆ Save Prof. Agrawal -Sanandji's Life.

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Earnest APPEAL to P.M. Hon'ble Modi ji for URGENT Action & fulfilling Promise.

To Restore & Maintain river Ecosystem and Stop Hydropower plants  to keep GANGA flowing naturally. 

To Prevent & Treat Pollution to maintain waters of River GANGA clean & pristine .

Thus to Rejuvenate GANGA to its Glorious Natural state.

R. GANGA & it's tributaries are most sacred in Indian culture & Lifeline of people from Himalaya to Gangasagar. Their Himalayan basins are ecosensitive zones.

To Stop Hydropower plants & projects on Ganga's tributaries Alaknanda , Mandakini, Nandakini, Dhauli- Ganga & Pinder. These plants will affect the Natural flow of GANGA & can create havoc through flood & drought in future. 

To save life of renowned Scientist & Environmental Engineer Prof. GD Agrawal - Swami Sanand ji who is fasting for the 3 rd time to save & rejuvenate GANGA and insisting to stop hydropower plants & pollution. This time fasting since 22nd June 18 & still no response from Government. 

Waterman of India Rajendrasingh ji, (Stockholm & Magsese Awardee), members of  India Water Council & Nature Conservationists are fully supporting Prof. Agrawal ji's indefinite fast to ' Save GANGA MA'  through Jal Satyagrah.

Let us pledge our support to Jal Satyagrahi Prof. Agrawal's noble service to Mother Nature in the form of 'GANGA MA' by signing this Appeal to Hon'ble Prime Minister & Government. 

Dr. Ravindra Vora,  Member India Water Council, President, Nature Foundation,  Maharashtra.