Stop child Beggars in India

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   Respected Prime Minister Modi Ji

I am writing you this because you have the power to change Indian currency in one day. Then surely you can stop children beggars in Indian.

   How safe is it to those children who roam around in the street? How they suffer children beggars are everywhere in India they spreading like weeds. Due to This, there are many missing children case, Child trafficking,  child labours, crime, child abuse its turn into Business for some peoples.

 We do have a law against this still all those things keep continuing, We have to completely Stop this.

Dear Prime minister Modi Ji 

If any child saw begging or look suspicious they should be a strong law and action against this to be taken immediately.

Nothing is more important than a child.

When you were visited foreign countries you may notice there is no child roaming unsafe on the street?

Please, Sir, We are requesting you to take action on this issue immediately a full stop.

No child Deserve this ���