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Indian customs

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Today everybody buys stuff from online stores and it is no surprise that people buy from different countries. Indian customs are creating a major problem and customers are being cheated. Now, I will tell you what made me say that. 

I have myself ordered a lot from different countries and have been paying custom charges on my purchases but this incident today has made me shook. 

I and two of my friends placed orders on the same website which was to be delivered in Mumbai however the purchase value was different. For me the value was INR 3500 for my friends the amount was INR 5500 and 7000 respectively. Everything being same I have been charged custom charges but none of my friends have been charged any charges. Now, this is not only about the money but this is also about the system that is prevailing here. Because nobody knows how much custom charge will they have to pay if they order a particular product. There needs to be a particular slab so people can ascertain how much will the product cost when they are buying it from outside the country. There are a lot of complaints and articles published on the internet regarding the customs but no one is focusing on that. Ultimately, if you are rich or poor it doesn't matter because customs department is going to charge the amount they want to. I think this has now become a business as a lot of people while selling stuff in mumbai say that their product is original and is direct from customs that's why they are selling it cheap. 

Yes, this is the same product which you are spending money on to buy from a foreign country and you're not receiving it and ultimately customs department is then selling it to other people. 

I will also also show you a screenshot of what a friend of mine sent me a few days back it. It shows that his mother got a free antivirus software from customs (she works in customs) and now they want to sell it. 

This needs to stop RIGHT NOW! 

Indian post is doing great work and customs are ruining their reputation. 

We need change now! Sign this petition and bring change. 

I know this petition may not be useful to a lot of the audience but it is burning a hole in the pocket of atleast 1/5th of the Indians. 

I am one of them, please help us!

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