Change the structure of reservations in my country

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      Its been 70 yrs of independence to our country, reservations were supposed to be for 10 yrs but we see the percentage of reservations inflating as the decades pass. Reservations are based on religion,  caste and others. At times we talked about creamy layer and stuff but even that was not effective or implemented.

         Promising the increase of the percentage of reservations  to a particular caste or religion have become political manifesto for many political parties in recent years which is absolutely not a great sign for a developing country like India. 

           Why is that the reservations are based on caste and religion???? If castes were formed on the basis of work we did ages ago, are we still doing the same work now as when these castes were classified???? The professions, work style, food habits have changed. When we changed our profession our caste is now not a criteria  to assess our socio-economic standards. Either we work what our caste was meant for or change the caste if we are into another profession. What caste are software professionals now????  Caste or religion has nothing to do with the profession we choose or the way we live. Rich and poor are among all religions and castes. But giving reservations on these caste and religion basis doesn't help the poor from other caste and religion who do not have reservations. If this structure of reservations system based on caste and religion  goes further into many decades or centuries people will never be united and develop hatred among fellow countrymen. 

          If at all the reservations cannot be removed completely as of now i request and appeal for a change in the structure of reservations system from caste or religion based to those families who work as DAILY LABOUR  and FARMERS who has 3 or less than acres of land. People will be united irrespective of caste and religion and no force can polarise our country. 


Jai Hind

Venkat Ranga Reddy Ravula. 

Mahbubabad dist. 

Telangana state.