Send the Indian Football Team to the Asian Games 2018

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It is important for the Indian Football Team to play against quality opposition in a competitive setting, something which is being denied them by the IOA on the basis of "incompetency". Indian football has taken such long strides over the last few years where we have seen our ranking rise for 173 to 97, viewership has skyrocketed thanks to the ISL and even local match attendance has increased, thanks to Sunil Chhetri's efforts. People involved in the game in India are giving it their all to help take India to the level of a World Cup quality team, but that is at risk if we do not play against quality opposition time and time again. How else does one measure progress? By playing friendlies against teams which we are expected to beat? The IOA has to help reverse this decision for us to accurately gauge where the "Blue Tigers" stand in the Asian football scenario.