Change Indian National Congress's PM candidate

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To All my fellow Indians, 

India is headed into dark times ahead with a threat to its democracy, its right to free speech or right to freedom of religion and even its integrity of public institutions. 

Unless we take a stand now, India's democracy is bound to crumble. It is said that "All that is necessary for the Triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." 

This is a petition to the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS, to change their PM candidate for the 2019 Elections. Unless that happens, Mr. Rahul Gandhi as the face of UPA shall not be able to procure as many votes to defeat the Modi led NDA government. And unless that happens, India is bound to see dark days!  

It is an appeal to all of you who love the Uniqueness of our beloved country india because of its diversity, its tolerance and its care for the unheard and oppressed. Don't let your motherland down.