AR Zakir for Shivajinagar - A sign of hope, symbol of change

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The man you know, the story you don't :

Abdul Raqueeb Zakir was born to a humble family and raised with noble values and righteous virtues. His education in Computer Science established him as a successful entrepreneur. From his younger days, he developed an inclination towards public service and nation building. To realize his dreams of a strong India, he joined the Indian National Congress in 1990 and till date remains a loyal soldier of the party. From 1994-1997 he served as the Vice-President of Bangalore City District Minority Committee Department. His hard work and determination in serving the minorities, SC's, ST's and OBC's in liaison with Corporation was appreciated and he was elected as the Secretary of Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee. 

As Secretary of KPYCC, from 1997-2001, AR Zakir worked tirelessly to boost party-public relationship by enrolling hundreds of active members and organizing several public events, meetings and sports tournaments. His eagerness to serve people was strengthened when he was elected as the BBMP Corporator from Pulkeshinagar in 2001. During this term, he also served as the member of Standing Committee of Health, Appeal, Major Works and was elected Chairman of Standing Committee from 2005-06. His wholeheartedness and commitment to serve the public was rewarded when he was re-elected as the BBMP Corporator in 2010. His huge victory was a testimony to his capability and competence as an able administrator. During his second term, he also served as the member of Standing Committee of Works, Market, Administrative and Appeals.

AR Zakir was and is a household name. His remarkable achievements and incredible service was appreciated once again when he was re-elected as BBMP Corporator for a third straight term. AR Zakir's stint as the Chairman of Social Justice Standing Committee from 2017-18 is regarded as the golden era for the poor and needy of Bengaluru. Allocation of identification cards to 15,000 street vendors, introduction of pink autos for ladies, allocation of 5,000 individual houses for the poor, building night shelters and distributing free laptops to meritorious students are some of the highlights of his tremendous work. Clean and wide roads of Pulkeshinagar, structured footpaths, organised drainage, hygienic sanitation, affordable healthcare and an infinite list of other phenomenal public works has made him the people's man! He was recently awarded as the No.1 Corporator by Citizens for Bengaluru movement currently serving as a member of the Standing Committee of Accounts.

AR Zakir, the people's man, is admired, loved and respected by all. Born and brought up in Shivajinagar, he is well connected and enjoys fantastic rapport with residents and localites. The people of Shivajinagar have unshakeable faith in his capabilities and exceptional leadership qualities. As Shivajinagar prepares for the upcoming by-elections, a strong local leader with 20 years of administrative experience and 30 years of political activism, stellar public service, kindness and humility personified, philanthropically generous, socially responsible with mighty grassroots and unbeaten track record, AR Zakir is the revolution Shivajinagar was waiting for.

For years, Zakir has stood for us, its time we stand for Zakir today. Sign this petition and mark your support in humbly requesting the Indian National Congress to give our respectful leader a chance to serve public in a bigger and better capacity as the next Shivajinagar MLA.