To Stop Overcrowding at Mt. Everest

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This Petition is to Stop Overcrowding at Mt. Everest summit. This year witnessed the highest number of participants till date i.e. 378 (the sherpa and the rest of the team accompanying are not even counted) for the summit of Mt. Everest. Yesterday i.e. On 23rd of May 2019 nearly 350 participants were in queue for the summit. People are bound to get sick if they have to wait in a Death Zone for a longer time. And that's What happend to a friend of Mine. Mr. Nihal Bagwan (27) was one of the fittest person I have ever come across. What happened yesterday shouldn't have happend. Or it could have been controlled. He could have been brought down earlier if there was no traffic enroute. It took more time for sherpa to rescue  him because of the traffic and thus he could not get the medical attention on time. Same has happened with Mrs. Anjali Kulkarni (52)


I would like Indian Mountaineering Foundation, International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation and Nepal Government tourism department to take measures against it. Just like what China and USA has done. 

If at all Nepal government is not ready to cut down on the number of participant climbing every year,  All it can do it provide a strict number of participants to attempt to summit with Every Window available. Atleast that would reduce the casualties. 

In the End we all understand the consequences of participating in this deadly sport of mountaineering, But what matters is to play this sport safely and to reduce the fatal casualties which can be easily managed provided some stringent steps taken by the Mountaineering Fraternities of the World.