Stop Mountaineering and Save Himalayas Glacier

Stop Mountaineering and Save Himalayas Glacier

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Radheshyam Kumawat started this petition to Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) & Government of India

It has been directly and indirectly observed that our mountain are polluted as well as polluting day by day by the trekkers, mountaineers, tourist etc. for fun making, love making, tours. This might be good for entertainment but at the same time we are destroying the naturality of mountain which is not seen but we can feel it very well.

  1. Government is promoting civilians for mountaineering, climbing Mt. Everest and other peaks and awarding them Crores of Rupees for destroying the nature. Slowly those person start their own business in field of mountaineering, they encourage more and more people to go to mountain and getting/earnings money by destroying nature. In such expedition many accidents also happen then we again do rescue to save people by spending lakhs of rupees.

In mountaineering expedition: What we give to nature:

  1. Creating pollution by throwing garbage, waste, plastic, bottles, canes and many unwanted thing on heights.
  2. All above waste along with human sit & piss create water &  air pollution.  
  3. Destroying naturality of mountain by making artificial routes, path, fixing barriers etc. 
  4. Encouraging more people's. 

What we get from nature:

  1. Polluted mountain water & air. 
  2. Unexpected risk of land sliding.
  3. Life risk during expedition. 

Future problem that Habitate shall be facing:

  1. Water Scarcity : Glacier are getting melt by frequent expedition and humen interference. Hence peaks seem naked. Life of Habitate become very challenging in such scarcity.
  2. Once water becomes scared in those area the alternate is not made. We can not make tubewell, handpump and extract water from ground in hills. Such problem is already facing in Shimla and other hill stations.

Prayer :

  1. Stop promoting by giving huge money to mountaineers who went for fun, business,  purposeless climbers.
  2. It shall be stopped or controlled in such a manner in which required people only can go like military expedition & training, military operations & post etc, researcher, scientists, rescue operations and development of such experts only.
  3. Mountaineering institute shall be minimize as well as they ensure that expedition shall be pollution free. And comply safety and cpcb norms.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!