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Doctors are not a commodity and not a product that people can rate them or give thier feedbacks to them. 

This creates a bad image in the society and carries along with it many dangers in times to come.

just an example with the recent attacks on doctors if one doctor gets beaten up by kond and later on these social platforms show any negative feedback for him, it will be justified that he was a bad doctor and rightly beaten up.

a doctors treatment and diagnosis of various diseases is after his check ups and tests and no patient should be allowed to give a feedback that wether the doctor was right or wrong and write ill things about them on social platforms. This may lead to spoiling the reputation of the doctors in this scooety where already doctors are looked up as money menting machines and not considered healers anymore.

also many online platforms have started charging doctors for fake reviews and videos. One such just recently asked me thousands of ruppees to write articles and promote them which is misleading for the patients.

a recent survey amongst a doctors community resulted in almost 90 percent doctors sharing that this feedback feature is just miney menting startegy of these social platforms.

once they charge u thousands of ruppees for promoting ur practice they are also keeping ur future and image in danger in times to come

i request all doctors to sign this petition and share with other friends and make it reach the health ministry and also indian medical asscociation so strict action can be taken against this.

looking forward to the support of all collegaues.