IMA stop anti-homeopathic propaganda and co-operate with RCT to verify whether it works!

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Chandran K C
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An open humble challenge to the Secretary of Kerala Chapter of Indian Medical Association, from a lay man from Kerala who is convinced about the effectiveness of high dilution drugs used in Homeopathy:

Dear sir, I am Chandran K C, KC House, Malappattam, Kannur District, Kerala, Mob number 9446520252. Author of REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY, which explains biological mechanism involved in high dilution therapeutics in a way fitting to modern scientific knowledge system. 

I am a lay man, aged 68 years. I am fully convinced that high dilution drugs used in Homeopathy is effective, knowing well that post-avogadro dilutions will not contain even a single molecule of drug substance.

I saw your open letter to the prime minister of India, requesting him to ban Homeopathy.

I agree with your view that the theories currently propagated by HOMEOPATHS regarding the active principles of homeopathic drugs as well as the biological mechanism of their actions are scientifically implausible and untenable.

Even though HOMEOPATHS fail to explain HOW HOMEOPATHY WORKS, the fact remains that HOMEOPATHY WORKS!

I am ready to prove this claim if you are ready to conduct a professionally organised and supervised RCT using a homeopathic drug sample I provide.

The drug sample I provide will be a DISEASE-SPECIFIC combination of a few homeopathic drugs in 30c Potencies, names of which I will not reveal at this stage. You can conduct any kind of chemical tests to ensure that they are highly diluted drugs without any drug molecules other than ethyl alcohol and water.

My claim is that this particular formulation I provide is highly effective in preventing and curing any type of viral or bacterial fevers. You can constitute a body of professionals from modern medicine, Homeopathy, scientific community, eminent personalities , media persons etc to oversee the RCT. Other modalities could be discussed and worked out if you accept my challenge.

Sir, if you are so much convinced that homeopathy is implausible and fake, please come forward to accept this challenge from this humble old lay man who is convinced that homeopathy really works!