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Swagat nahi karo ge ?

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R.B.Sreekumar, I.P.S, (Retd),
Former DGP. Gujarat.
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Date: 21st December 2012.

Sub:- Article: Modi’s apology – Deceptive histrionics to defraud people

A section of media motivated by the prospects of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minster of India has been creating a lot of sound and fury about Modi’s apology to the people of Gujarat about his mistakes, voiced in his victory meeting after the Assembly Election results announcement on 20th December 2012. Technically this apology could include the sins of genocidal crimes against Muslim minority during 2002 protracted riots and subversion of Criminal Justice System (CJS) to delay and deny justice delivery to riot victim survivors.

Agile citizens should ponder as to whether there is any substance and significance in this apology, devoid of any initiative for taking penal action against Gujarat State bureaucracy and police (modern day “Neros” as per the Apex court), who acted as patrons, promoters and facilitators of mass killings and enablers to rioters in 2002. Not even a memo asking explanation of officers in the rank of Dy. SP to DGP and Taluka Magistrate to the Chief Secretary, was issued for their unabashedly blatant violation of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) envisaged in the Criminal Procedure Code, Police Acts, Gujarat Police Manual and numerous Central and State Government directives, regarding maintenance of public order and investigation of crimes. Gujarat police and the Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by Dr. R. K. Raghavan had found only two Police Inspectors responsible for criminal negligence in the 2002 riots!!

Will Narendra Modi do anything to penalize officers in eleven police districts (out of thirty) who acted as collaborators to brigands who indulged in ghastly anti-minority carnage? How Indian citizens could ignore the fact that nearly twenty five civil and police officers who abetted the crimes of rioters were rewarded with “good” placements, extension in service, out of turn promotions and post retirement assignments? The three whistle blower IPS officers and other seven government functionaries who did not cooperate with Modi’s anti-minority covert agenda were punished with arrest, prosecution, supercession and imposition of departmental proceedings for their dismissal from service?

Will Modi Government alleviate sufferings of nearly 10000 riot victims living in agonizing sub-human conditions without even basic infrastructural facilities?

Can we expect Modi Government to take action against officers against whom Sessions Court to the Apex Court had passed severe critical comments for their unprofessional and partisan roles during the riots and in the investigation of riot cases?

Will Modi Government move against officials who ignored and neglected specific intelligence reports from the State Intelligence Branch (SIB) about anti-minority bias of police officers in April 2002 itself, which prompted even the Apex Court to pass pungent structures against Gujarat Police?

We cannot expect Modi to initiate any action as suggested above as this would upset his apple cart of sustaining Hindu communal mobilization at a high pitch and invocation of Gujarati sub-nationalism – two basic strategies assiduously pursued by Narendra Modi since 2002 riots -, for swaying Gujarati voters. In the absence of positive measures to bring the planners, organizers, ground level mobilisers, perpetrators of gruesome violence and their facilitators in the State Administration under the clutches of law, Modi’s apology is a mere exercise in farcical histrionics to hoodwink people of India in pursuit of his political careerism at the national level.

R. B. Sreekumar
Camp Noida (UP)


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