Demand for Fees Reduction

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Patently, the proverbial COVID-19 virus has dismantled the educational system we used to in the physical class, face-to-face meetings, group discussions, laboratory experiments, etc.

Indian Maritime University has currently decided to deduct 20% of tution fees but we are not happy with that because 20% reduction in tution fees is nothing as we haven't used any facilities such as gym, library, laboratory, hostel,mess, etc.

With the possibility of the order being prolonged further, we, the students of Indian Maritime University Chennai Campus are calling for the appeals as enumerated in the following but not limited to: -
1. The reduction of 70% of tution fees.
2. The waiver of 100% costs incurred but no longer available owing to close-down of the Institutions (e.g. facilities, hostel,mess, resources fees);

3. Also, a deferred fee payment system should be enabled for those students who are unable to pay the complete fees in a single stroke. Facility should be given for students to pay fees in installments.

4. Also, there are students who avail education loan and then pay the fees. Due care should also be taken for them by coordinating with the bank and extending credit facility to them.

5. No student should be restricted from receiving quality education, and thus no compulsion should be made on students to pay fees before credit registration.


This would give some relief to parents of our students.

Online and remote classes certainly are not the students signed up for in the beginning. Students should not be paying for the “A Class Above” fees for the educational services which are fundamentally different, while the Institutions certainly have not well-prepared themselves, the lecturers and the students in coping with the e-learning process.
Our parents, guardians, and sponsors are currently struggling their best to sustain our tuition fees. In view of this global health and economic crisis, we urge the Institutions to waive the fees as petitioned above and give the support to us, as the students of the Institutions, to show that the Institutions are the protectors of the students.
We anticipate a holistic approach and prompt actions from the Institutions rather than a mere bureaucratic reply. Please do not sidestep our yearnings as the Institutions’ support is much needed right now and to let us feel that the Institutions are with us in this, together.

Thanking You,

Students of Indian Maritime University