Immediate Death sentence for Rapists includes Juvenile if he is guilty.

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Death penalty for Rapists including juvenile if found guilty. We have heard and seen enough and this is becoming worse day by day. What are we waiting for ? Is it our turn to be victims? You as parents want to still wait near the gate or wait for phone call when your daughter /sister/wife is gonna reach home ? How long are we gonna do this ? Is India really developing ? Please ask this question ? This change is going to be a big revolution. If we don't gear up now these maniacs will grow in numbers like ZOMBIES flesh eaters. Rapists don't fear anyone because our LAW is liberal and easy going. Why should a rapist be kept alive for years together to decide whether he has done a crime or not. Please who knows at this minute this second who's getting raped. We dont even want to imagine any of our sisters or go thru this hell.. ? Together let's try to fight for right cause and push to get this Punishment in place.