HANG the people responsible for 4 deaths in Haryana.

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Before signing the petition please read the matter. This is written by a fellow Quoran Prianca Tamta. Just read this in the voice of a woman. You will understand the pain behind this. 

4 rapecases in just 24 hours in haryana...Three of them were minors aged 11,15 and 17.

Three of the four were gangraped and murdered..

The 11 year girl's body was found naked having damaged liver and lungs,mutilated internal parts,skin eaten from lips,neck and breast...

Is she going to a pub with short clothes?? No, not at all. She was kidnapped from the way to her coaching classes...

Who the hell are these people?? From where they get this much courage?? Aren't they afraid of laws??

After seeing the victim's mother now I have transpire why my mother is always worried for me. Why she never let me live on my own without cross checking a place. Why she always warned me about people..

I always used to say, ‛bhai se to nahi puchte itna meri bari main patani kyu itni tension ho jati hai apko’

(Why you only bother about me ,You dont ask these kind of things to brother)

Now I know what it takes to be the parents of a daughter...

Now I know why people go for female foeticide..

“Kyuki apni beti ki bin kapdo k aadhi khayi laash dekhne se achha hai ki ya to wo paida hi na ho ya paida hone se pehle hi use mar diya jaye"

(Because its better to kill your daughter than to see her half eaten naked dead body..)

Nobody can feel the pain we girls live with in our chest.. Nobody has heard those cries which we supress with a pillow as people are going to put restriction for us only because the boy was harrasing us..nobody can have that nerve to face 10% of what we go through everyday..

We dont need any ‛beti padhao,beti bachao andolan ’,do we??????

Female foeticide should be banned only after banning of these monsters. But can all these be banned ??

Because people doing eve teasing, checking a girl like they are raping her from eyes, touching inappropriately at public places.These things are no less than raping her soul..

My mother always inspire me to be brave, To fight back. She says nobody is going to save you ,you should be capable of doing it by yourself only.

But today I think people do good for their daughters by killing them . This world do not deserve girls..

P.S: A girl's anger, frustration and despair is posted here..

#HumanityASHAMED  #WewantJUSTICE