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to exclude Pre-existing conditions as a denial clause from health insurance.

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While the government is working hard on to uplift masses from poverty, yet we witness millions who again fell prey into the clutches of poverty. Even the debt ridden farmers, who commit suicide on a suicidal rate which costs Billions of dolllars to the public exchequer, one of the driving forces behind it is sudden death in their family or a family member who gets seriously ill.

Not only the poor of this nation but a larger chunk of Middle class only can manage for a modest house, education for their kids and the budget for the marriage of same. Serious health issues often drive families into poverty by forcing them to sell whatever they have, by borrowing money from loan sharks on huge interest rates and so on.

In this situation a mandatory health insurance can really solve the problem for both, that is, the government and citizens. the government must make the health insurance mandatory for every adult in the country and the premium of insurance must be decided as per the income not by age group.

secondly , the clause of Pre-existing diseases must be done away with and everyone must be insured at every level. Denial of the same leads to violation of article 21 that is right to life.

coming to the Economics, government spends more into emergency health as people can not afford regular health check ups or treatment so they have to rush to emergency medical care which obviously they can not pay and burden is upon the government. if they were insured , they would avail proper treatment and would not be a burden upon the state and will act as the part of larger productive pool in the nation.

So hereby i urge the government to introduce a bill in respect to the same and act as soon as possible. 

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