Stop Shimla from getting renamed to Shyamala

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Shimla is not just another city on the map, it is one with a deep rooted history and significance that goes back to the 18th century or even before. This is a place that's known on the global tourism map and has visitors thronging all round the year, thanks to its unique identity, that let's admit it, wouldn't have been possible if Britishers hadn't made it our summer capital.

We get it, it was called Shyamala before. We get it, vote bank politics matter in India. But for the sake of not ruining something beautiful, can we please stick to Shimla's current name instead of trying to dig up the past roots?

So what if Britishers gave this name to the city? Heck, they gave us Indians a lot of things. Next, are we gonna uproot railways in India? Or stop using English in our daily lives?

I would urge the Indian government to not take such decisions without involving the masses. We love our city as much as we love its name.