Stop rising of safari prices

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Corbett park administration is planning to increase the permit cost of safari to around 500%. Current cost includes Rs.100 per person for entry fee, Rs.250 for vehicle entry charges and Rs.600 for guide fee. Alongwith that Rs.2200 is gypsy hiring charges extra.

This makes it a total amount of Rs.3800 per safari. But now the park administration is planning to increase the per person cost from Rs.100 to Rs.500. After this price hike the safari cost will be Rs.6200.

As Corbett is a very close destination from Delhi and few other major cities, people from different financial background use to come here to spend a quality time with their families and to try their luck searching for Tiger inside the national park. After this price hike, almost 60-70% of the tourist will stop coming to Corbett for safari as majority of tourist coming to Corbett is from middle class.

Our request to Uttarakhand government and Corbett National Park administration is to stop this unethical price hike so that the locals who depend on tourism activities inside the park will not be bound to leave their houses in search of employment anywhere else.