Say NO to Gorkhaland

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The Gorkhas are the soldiers of Nepali Nationality, no one could deny that. The name "Gorkha" comes from the hill town of Gorkha from which the Nepalese kingdom had expanded. The latest bout of protests for a separate state of Gorkhaland in Indian State of West Bengal has brought a serious question about who actually are Gorkhas? What is their history in India? Was there any land in India called Gorkha? No. Absolutely not. So, why they are demanding a state named Gorkhaland? It is totally unjustifiable. This issue is trying to divide the identity of Gorkhas which actually belongs to the brave Gorkhas of Nepal and is a total offence to all the Nepalese people.

Indian government can give it's people as many states as it want which is never our concern but the name Gorkhaland takes the identity of real Gorkhas which is utterly unacceptable.

Let's sign this petition to prevent assigning the name of any state of India as Gorkhaland.