Salary settlement for Bankers

Salary settlement for Bankers

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Started by Avinash Sharma

Hello everyone.,

Banks are the backbone of any country. We being the bankers are working for the management of country's economy. It is the most transparent & fast working pillar of our government. Despite our hard work & honesty we are still suffering because of the low salary & delay in the settlement of the salary of all the bankers. 

All the goverment schemes are coming into force with the help of bankers. Even during the demonitisation period we worked all day and night and have made the system of currency new. We always come forward to work for the government then why the government is not taking care of us? All other sectors of our goverment are being looked after and their salary are being revised time to time. Both the clerk working in a bank and in any goverment organisation hold the same position, but when it comes to salary then the salary of a bank's clerk is less than half the salary of any clerk working in any government organisation ( say railways etc.) Why can't our salary be at par with the salary of any other government organisation? Why is it required to hold strikes and bandh for our own salary revision? Can't there be a same salary structure of all the government organisation as per their positions? Our salary revision is pending since November 2017. See the plight of a banker who is working all day diligently for the management & growth of our economy. 

So I request on behalf of all the bankers of our country to please look into this matter and revise our salary as per the central pay commission.

Looking forward for this to happen ASAP.




A Banker

1,855 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!