Respond to Bring down the Fuel prices

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Hello people of India. 

It's not a joke that we are paying more than what we are purchasing. The taxes of fuel are more than the price of Fuel. Our silence can make this even to the worse prices ever and can record the highest mark in the world.

The Petrol been Sold in India from End 2017 has 10% of Ethanol been Mixed with Petrol. Been Ethanol is a natural Fuel (as made from Sugar and starch) and very well can be mixed with Petrol without any changes and also has no PM (Particulate Material) Pollution.

However - the catch is Ethanol is priced at just Rs 40.85 per Litre, but is mixed in Petrol and the given rate is combined rate as been sold to consumer

It means that if your car go for petrol Tank Full of say 30 Litres - then in actual your car will get 27 Litre Petrol and 3 Litre Ethanol - but the rate charged would be the price of Petrol only - means you have to pay price of 30 Litre Petrol.

Why to pay the same price of petrol for ethanol? 

Why to pay for what we are not even part of? 

We are just throwing money in somewhere even we doesn't know! 

Had it been ideal world - we would have ended up with Fuel Cost of Rs 35 per Litre for Petrol and Diesel. Irony is - we are paying more Taxes than the Cost of Obtaining Petrol Fuel.

If you are Staying in Mumbai - you are paying highest Taxes on Petrol Prices in India. Reason Mumbai has highest State Level Taxes (VAT with additional Surcharge). This takes Taxes (Excise+VAT+Surcharge) in Mumbai to almost Rs 43 per Litre alone in Petrol - taking to almost close to 55% Taxes on Filling a Litre of Petrol.

I am signing this to bring down the taxes and the final prices to petrol a standard price of 50/- INR and Diesel 35/- INR.