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India is tired of rapes and returned to demonstrate with the same rage that it had seen in the square six years ago due to the sexual violence and the killing of a twenty-year-old student aboard a bus in the capital.

In India the chronicle is full of episodes that have no political color other than that of the blood of women and girls: in the weekend just ended a 24 year old girl was killed along a highway in Delhi, a 17 year old suffered serious injuries in Bihar, and a 4-year-old girl was raped in Orissa by a man who then mutilated her private parts.

NOW STOP. I ask to Indian Government, PM Narendra Modi, President of India, Supreme Court , Indian Judiciary System to to re-evaluate the judicial system in this regard by giving these people life imprisonment for life.

Mr. president Narendra Modi in your country you die because you are a woman, so your country is at war with ignorance. Have the courage to punish those who ignore life and change laws.

I will always fight in defense of the freedom of life, for all those who care about the principles of democracy and ethical coexistence.

Carmen Lorenzo