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One more Nirbhaya, one more life destroyed !

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Every year on 16th December, we remember inhuman rape case of Nirbhaya, which took place in a running private bus. Recently, the Supreme Court of India announced the death sentence to all the culprits of the case, with a hope that it will serve as a lesson for other criminals. But, it doesn't seem so.

The end story remains the same; and in reality, nothing has changed. Girls are getting raped and murdered carelessly, and nobody is afraid of the law anymore. 

It is saddening that once again an incident has taken place which will send chills down your spine. It is so brutal that we can't even imagine that a human has done this to another human.

Seven men have gang raped a woman in Rohtak, destroyed her private parts brutally, and mutilated her. In this terrifying deed, evil criminals ruined the body of a 23-year-old woman in a way that it has become impossible to identify her.

Imagine the terror, what she might have gone through. The feeling of getting raped, knowing that her body is getting used as a trash while seven men were hitting on her one by one

Crime against women has become so common these days that hardly a day passes when we don't hear about rapes, molestation, domestic violence and dowry deaths. In India, rapists act with impunity as they know they can get away with their crime. Unless laws are strengthened to punish the wrong doers and justice is delivered speedily, this crime will continue unchecked. 

Boys are being taught from the beginning that "Men don't cry" but today they need to be taught that "Real men don't make women cry". The moral values should be inculcated to each and every men, be it rich or poor, right from the beginning. The government which is least bothered about such crimes taking place should enforce strict laws such as Castration as practiced in Arab countries where men dare to commit such crimes. No single act of the criminals should go unnoticed.

So lets join our hands, and stop such inhumane treatment done to women every day, every hour.








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