Migrant Lives Matter - Ensure a Sustainable Livelihood of Migrant Workers Post-COVID

Migrant Lives Matter - Ensure a Sustainable Livelihood of Migrant Workers Post-COVID

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Young Change Makers Of India started this petition to Indian Government

The COVID - 19 Pandemic, has changed the entire world. Lots of people have been affected because of this.

In India, the most affected group, during this Unprecedented Situation, are the Migrant Workers. They work outside their Hometown/State etc. to pursue their work. Usually, they do not have the Intention, to stay permanently in a Region.

The COVID - 19 Pandemic, has changed their lives upside down; they face Multiple Hardships. With all the workplaces shut down, due to the imposed lockdown, millions of Migrant Workers are stranded in their Worksite, without Income and Food.

Due to this reason, many of the Migrant Workers, and their Families, face multiple challenges. Many died due to Starvation, Exhaustion, Suicide, Accidents, and Lack of Medical Care.

They have been working far from their home to earn money. The COVID - 19 Pandemic has kept a halt for that. The Migrant Workers are desperately in need of Food, Water, Shelter, and Medical Facilities. Their future seems to be highly uncertain.

Many were not able to get their Free Ration Items, as they were holding their Native Ration Cards, which cannot be used in other Ration shops.

As Public Transport has been temporarily restricted due to the lockdown, thousands of Migrant Workers walked and bi-cycled several hundred kilometers to reach their Hometown, along with their family members.

Hence, Our Team (Young Change Makers - Group of Class 9 children), have Analysed and have come up with few Impactful Ideas and Solutions, which can be Implemented for mitigating the miseries faced by the Migrant Workers, and for keeping them safe and secure during this Tough Condition.

List of Solutions we have come up with:

Union or Association for Migrant Workers: 

A Union or an Association should be started for the Migrant Workers, which collects and holds the entire details of them. This Union will act as an Intermediate Platform, for both the Migrant Workers and the Government. Through this Platform, the Migrant Workers get an opportunity, for addressing their concerns to the Government, and the Government in turn can provide the Benefits/Assistance/Support required for them.

The Union should form Groups and inspect the Campsite, to ensure that the Migrant Workers are safe and secure. Also, the Union should ensure that they are interacting with the Migrant Workers on a Regular Basis.


Place where the Migrant Workers are made to stay temporarily.

The Union should check for the Basic Amenities required for their Daily Life. For example, Food, Water, Shelter, Medical Facilities, and Communication Platforms.

1. Should be able to Interact with Family Members, and other Relatives in their Hometown, which makes them stress-free; they have a Good Mental and Physical Health

2. Translators should be arranged for Easier and Clear Communication

3. Safety Measures should be Implemented and followed strictly. For example, Social Distancing.

National Ration Card for the Migrant Workers:

They should be able to buy the Ration Items at any Ration shop (At any place), as they will be Migrating from place to place for Work.

A Unique Pass can be given for the Migrant Workers so that they have the access to buy the Ration Items from the nearby Ration shop.

Financial Grants:

The Union should ensure that at least 60-75% of the Income is provided to the Migrant Workers, by the Government, during the Pandemic situation

Our Team, have come up with a Few Ideas, that might really help the Migrant Workers. We request you to please read and sign the petition so that we can all Work Together for helping them. Come On!! Gear Up and start signing the Petition!!

Feel free to send your suggestions @ Migrantworkers20@gmail.com or Kindly Fill up the Google Form @ Support Migrant Workers

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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