Medical negligence ........Erb's Palsy

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Hi all I am here to file a petition of medical negligence I am not good with words but definitely try to narrate a case of medical negligence. My pregnancy was a healthy pregnancy everything went well ,all scan was good my daughter was a healthy child no complications .my water bag leak at 12.15 in the night on 18 Dec 2016 we rush to hospital "cloud9 Shivaji Nagar" and I got admitted at 12.30 I was induced then only at 2.30 my experience good pains every time we call doctor residents doctor checked me up and said doctor will come in the morning, my doctor came at 10.30 on 19 Dec 2016 for the first time to check me I was in so much pain that I have decided to go for c sec but she said no you have to bear some pain and she gave me a painkiller injection which was tend to lower down the pain I was supposed to sleep but that didn't work I again was crying in pain begging all to operate me ,she came at 1.30 and check me internally and said I am only 1cm dilated ,after hearing this I said to my husband I don't want a normal delivery I just want csec my husband convey the same but she said no you have to wait till it is 7_10cm because we were the first timers my husband listen her and she suggested for "Epidural" which was given to me at 2.30 after that I was relax ,but inside me my babies heartbeat was fluctuating from sometime to 70 to 200 after calling the staff so many times they were misleading us that doctor is in the old,sometime they said she is stuck in the traffic ,she came at 7 and at that time checked me I was only 7cm dilated after delivery another baby she came back at 7.30 and ask me to push ,because she ask me to do so I started pushing because I was in pain from past 19 hours I was completely exhausted and my baby was not coming out she called my husband inside and scrollee Infront of him that she is not pushing iIsaid to my husband I can't do it please operate me then that lady jusyjmoukd her line in second that no I can't do that ,she tried vaccum,she also tried forceps and when my baby was delivered one of the staff members said mam the cord is stuck on babies neck one complete loop because my husband was there he and I listen that clearly due to all of this traumatic thing my girl was not breathing she was tsken to ICU and after 3 days get back to us .my doctor applied a excessive force on her shoulder that results to paralysis of her left arm completely .we were told she is just having some pain in her hand she will recover her hand in 1 month .not the staff no doctor told us that my daughter was injured by a very severe case of nerve injury and her hand is paralysed .........after getting it know at around 4 month of her age Iagain get back to my doctor she knew it all but straight away said the lie that we inform you daughter os 1.5 year old and regularly taking physiotherapy ,she is not living a normal neither we .there are so many parents like us some are busy with the child and some has loosen up the hope but as parents it is very difficult to see your child going through all this due to medical negligence .my daughter went through a process of botox under anaesthesia and many more i see her crying every day in her exercise .......I want justice for my kid and the kids like her ....... please support

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