Make Self Defence training compulsory for every girl in each school,college and university

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Aaj kal duniya ki har ladki independent hona chahti hai. To phir apni safety aur security ke liye aaj tak Kyun dependent ho Apne father, Apne brother, Apne husband, Apne son , Apne kisi male family member ya phir duniya ke kisi bhi male person par. kyun!!! Yaad rakhna tumhari izzat tumhare haath me hai, tumhare alawa duniya ke kisi bhi shaksh ke haath me nahi.kyunki jab woh crime hoga tab waha koi nahi hoga, naa maa, naa baap, naa bhai, naa behen, naa koi family member aur naa hi koi male saver. Honge to sirf woh rapists aur akeli tum. Inn Sabse har ladki Ko ladna Sikhna hi hoga, har ladki Ko!! kyunki duniya ki koi bhi ladki iss unexpected aur dangerous situation ko face nahi karna chahti, Lekin agar woh ek ladki hai to shayad koi din uske favour me naa ho aur use iss situation ka Saamna karna pade, isliye unn unexpected situations ke saath deal karne ke liye hmesha taiyaar rehna. Yaad rakhna agar tum unn par nazar nahi rakh rahi to woh tum per nazar rakh rahe honge kyunki woh attackers tumhare aas paas ke hi log hote hai jo tumhe day to day dekhte hai aur agar kabhi strangers mile to Sabse jyada alert rehna. Har woh mard jiske dimag me gandangi bhadi hai woh sirf aur sirf ek mauke ki talash me rehta hai aur apni zindagi ki chaka chaundh me doob kar tum log unhe woh mauka mat de dena.


If you are a girl, then you should know how to carry yourself in a public or private place safely and securely. You should be alert for every unexpected situation as it’s better to expect the unexpected and be ready for the worst. " Precautions is better than cure ". "Remember that if you loose while fighting with the rapists, then you will be the ultimate sufferer. Once lost, it’s lost, you won’t be able to recover from that pain. So, Protect yourself till the last breath of your life by learning self-defense techniques and making yourself physically stronger in such a way that if a rape situation came, you can fight back even if they are more than one in numbers. Just give those bloody bastards a lesson that Don’t mess with girls!! You dare not touch us !!


Apne aap Ko physically itna strong banao ki ek nahi das das ladko ke saath akele lad sako agar aisi naubat aa jaaye to, warna puri zindagi apni safety aur security ke liye kisi na kisi mard par dependent rehna. aaj ye to kal koi aur. zindagi kaphi lambi hai koi na koi raaste me milta hi rahega tumhe protection dene ke liye.

Don't worry. Just enjoy your luxurious and happy life which I guess is far far important for you girls than your prestige !!

Please ! I just want you people, both males and females to realise the importance of prestige of a girl.

So, decision is all yours. If you want to become an independent girl in the future, then start from now. Do sign this petition and start taking self defence training.