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8 year old girl. What was her mistake ? After so much of thinking I don't understand what might have went wrong? 

Her innocence? Her age? Or so called religion? 

Inspite of having millions of people all around we face many rape cases in our day to day life. Which will soon become a serious issue because nevertheless it's percentage will keep growing. 

Are we not humans? Doesn't humanity exist? 

If Narendra modi can change the currency overnight then let us stand together to change the rules overnight . Let those culprits be given a painful death then will they understand the pain that little soul have gone through.

To all those out there I request you to Tweet on your Twitter account (install if you  don't use) and tag @Narendramodi  saying that - give them painful death , make very strict rules overnight so that a person will not even have a thought of it. ( It's not easy to save herself in such a situation) let's not waste on hearing such rules passes.

Let the rules be so cruel. Let the culprit be shot to death the next minute we find him or let him be cut into pieces. So that the next will not arise.

Please help me in doing so. Everyone go tag Narendra modi with your tweets and let him know we want a change soon otherwise our votes can also change overnight ( 2019 is not so far).

Thank you.