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Link Aadhar with voter's ID card.

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Dear Mr. Modi,

I appreciate your initiative to link all the documents with the common unique identity aka Aadhar Card, including Bank Accounts, PAN card, Mobile Number, Ration Card and Gas connection. But the still Voter's ID card is not compulsorily connected to the aadhar.

It is the right of every individual in the country to choose his/her representative. But still some people choose to use their power in a way which is not permitted by law. Making fake Voter's ID card is a common deal in India. A dead person's Voter ID is used to give votes to a person in power in a district. Such incidences are not uncommon in India and should be banned.

If Aadhar is compulsorily linked to Voter's ID, than this malpractice would stop permanently. Because it is not possible to get the Aadhar Card without bio-metric verifications, and it is not possible for a person to make two aadhars, or to make a aadhar for a dead person.

Hence I request you to implement this rule as well in the list of rules you made for the Aadhar. This rule would certainly symbolize what Indian Democracy stands for.   

-Sarthak Agarwal (Proud Indian)

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